Wednesday Web Nuggets (Late edition)

Wednesday Web Nuggets is a chance for you to see some of the more interesting things I came across on the internet this past week. Let me know what you thought was interesting in the comments below.  Previous nuggets can be found here.


I found this series on Huckberry.  As someone who will be adopting an orphan soon, some of these photos broke my heart.  But overall, it’s just really interesting to see how the world of kids differs from place to place.

ks3nia shared this beautiful forest shot.

You can pretty much expect one Kevin Russ every week.  This photo of El Capitan is breathtaking.

Just discovered Julien Mauve from the Huckberry blog.  His work is incredible.  It has an almost 3 dimensional feel to it.  See more here.

I just started following the US Department of the Interior on Instagram.  These guys share some amazing photos from the national parks: Volcano in Hawaii; Bear Eating Fish; Pictured Rocks; Bison at Sunset; Fox Fight.

National Geographic has a pretty amazing Instagram account too: Miners in DRC.

Other Stuff:

I’ve been getting more and more in shape over the last few years, and being able to squat correctly is super important.

If you’re a nerd like me, you usually find XKCD’s comics hilarious.  And this one is so random!

I always loved the Jungle Book (Disney version).  So when I came across a kid who really grew up as a friend of the animals, I was jealous.  Check out some of the photos!

Video of the Week:

This video from the Tonight Show was hilarious.  And this guy can belt it!

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2 comments on “Wednesday Web Nuggets (Late edition)
  1. ks3nia says:

    Thanks for the mention 😉

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