Wednesday Web Nuggets

Wednesday Web Nuggets is a chance for you to see some of the more interesting things I came across on the internet this past week. Let me know what you thought was interesting in the comments below. Previous nuggets can be found here.


Sometimes you just have to be famous to get the great shots. But Jeff Bridges has some skills too.

I love how America Y’all puts these together as little trips.  I might have to try something like this sometime.

It wouldn’t be a good week if there weren’t some Kevin Russ photos: Terlingua, El Comisco, Big Bend, Davis Mountains

If the photos weren’t so good, I might think my obsession with US Interior’s Instagram was unhealthy: Glacier Point Sunset, San Juan Mountains, Grand Canyon Lightning, Mount St. Helens, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Yosemite Moonrise

I always want to know how people can actually take a photo like this.

Blog Writers:

Seriously. Life would be so much better with less email.

Less is more. Busy is not something I envy or want.

Huckberry wrote two part series on how to spend a weekend in Austin, TX. I’ve logged this away since I’ve always wanted to go and my wife loves the city. Part 1  Part 2

This just looks delicious and I want to eat it.

Video of the Week:

I know it’s 22 minutes long, but totally worth watching. What a legacy this young man left behind.

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